Hoverflight 30

Our Hoverflight 30 Wing In Ground Effect Hovercraft and Velocity 30 Hovercraft are built using the same base hull with the addition of wings to the Hoverflight 30 and it flies over the sea at 75 knots regardless of sea states. This makes the Hoverflight 30 ideal for high speed travel over monsoon seas.   p-switch-sm

Hoverflight 30 is ideal for long range offshore military, customs, rescue  patrol. If the payload of 30 passenger or cargo is replaced with diesel fuel, range will increase to over 2,000 Nautical miles. This gives a performance similar to a Catalina Seaplane. p-switch-sm


Hoverflight 30 represents A High Profit Business opportunity for passenger ferry operators requiring High Speed Passenger Transport over adverse sea state at cruise speed of 75 knots.  In the Middle East Gulf Region, Maldives Islands, Asian Islands, Caribbean Islands have many resorts that require travel over rough seas of 70 Nautical miles. Their customers travel at an average speed of 25 knots  at a three hour travel time, encountering adverse monsoon  seas for some months of the year.  Sea sickness is a result and customer often never return.

Hoverflight travels over the sea at 75 knots 5 to 10 meters over the sea. As there are no updrafts or downdrafts, (as with sea planes using this method of travel in the 1940’s) there is no motion sickness. Only a smooth ride where the food and champagne never spill.  Passengers will return again and again to their favourite Holiday destination.

Maldives Profitability Example

In the Maldives, an air ticket in a six passenger aircraft can cost up to $120.00 USD per hour. They have over 200 resorts on individual islands.  The old current seaplanes cannot deliver the 1.5 million visitors per year. Seaplanes do not land at night as it is difficult to determine the drift to port or starboard.  Landing speeds are normally 90 Knots.

Hoverflight 30 has a hovercraft skirt that allows the craft to land on water with a heading 30 degrees of track. The slow landing speed of 45 knots together with our skirt system allows the Hoverflight to land in adverse seas impossible with a today’s seaplanes.  Passenger capacity on Hoverflight 30 is 30 passengers.  Assume passenger numbers average 25 throughout the year.


25 passengers x $120 = $3,000 Per flying hour.

10 flights per day gives revenue of $30,000 per day.

Revenue for 300 days per year is $9,000,000 per year.

Cost of operations is about  25% of the revenue.

This increases business to the resorts adding revenue to each individual business.

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