HoverflightAustralia is fast becoming the experts on Wing in Ground Effect (WIG) craft and aeroplanes designed and produced in Australia.

Our Velocity and Hoverflight hovercraft are designed to be mass produced, priced to be competitive with a similar sized boat, offer generous cabin area with 300 degree visibility, low sound levels, can operate in sea states up to force six, in white water conditions, over surf, or amongst reefs with cruise  speeds up to 40 knots Departures with full load are normally from deep water, unlike most other hovercraft.

The Hoverflight Hovercraft with wings are in fact ground-effect machines (WIGs) that cruise at 70 Knots 1 to 5 metres above the ocean providing high speed ocean transport over smooth or rough seas. The wings can be removed for normal hovercraft operations as determined by mission requirements. This craft can take off and land in open ocean in force 6 sea states and in water depths of 3mm or more over reefs or mud flats.



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